Hello! I’m Davina, but all my friends call me Dee. I am a mum to a little surfy rocker dude with crazy hair, Harley, who likes anything to do with water, loves to eat avocado, and has been known to stick peas up his nose. I am married to a gorgeous, kind, generous guy, Mike, who loves to surf in his spare time.

Then there is Tsubi, aka Soo, an emotional little blue staffy, who is a little bit nuts, loves the beach and comes absolutely everywhere with us.

When Harley was a year old, I felt ready to go back to work, part time. I really felt like I needed to do something, something other than being a full time mum. I went back to my office job two days a week, but found it so boring and uninspiring. I also found it hard getting ready for work, getting Harley ready for daycare and making the mad rush to daycare, and then to work in the city.

I started thinking about what I could do from home, that I actually enjoyed, and felt passionate about. I have always been fashion obsessed, and since becoming pregnant with Harley, I became obsessed with finding gorgeous, quality clothing for children, and also something a little bit different. It frustrated me that I could never find cool clothes for my boy, and started buying most of his things online. Even still, I found that I really had to hunt around for things that I liked.

And so, Harley and Soo was born! I have sourced beautiful, quality clothing and accessories from Australia and around the globe to give other mums access to something a little different for their stylish little babies and children. I plan on only selling things that I truly believe in, that I myself have tried and tested and would buy for my own children.

We live in Perth, Western Australia, and spend a lot of our time at our beach house, three hours south of Perth, in a gorgeous little town called Eagle Bay. I love the beach, summer time, cooking, taking photos with my digital SLR and hanging out with friends and family. I’m a planner, and take huge pleasure in organising and parties of any kind.

This blog is about anything and everything to do with Harley and Soo, life as a young first time mum, events, holidays, and anything else I feel the need to share with you! I hope you like!

Davina xox