Monday, 26 September 2011

point + shoot: perth fashion festival

This weekend was crazy busy. We are all still getting over the sniffles, it seems to be hanging around forever. But the show must go on so heres how it went:

Friday night - takeaway burgers from Flipside.

Saturday - Coffee at Yelo, followed by a play at Trigg Beach Park. Home for Harley's sleep and I went and got my still new hair blowdried in preparation for my girls night out.
Home from hairdressers, Harley wakes up, off to friends 30th birthday. Rush home, try on 50 different outfits trying to decide what to wear to dinner/fashion festival. Finally decide on above outfit. Shakuhachi blazer, Zara leather dress, Zomp sueude pumps. Dinner at The Quarter in the city with the girls (belated birthday dinner), followed by the Ae'lkemi show at the WA Museum. Great venue, great show, but over in the blink of an eye. And nothing I would actually wear. But great for a bit of people watching. Then we found ourselves in Northbridge, desperate for a glass of wine, so we found a half decent wine bar and shared a bottle tucked in a corner on some old Chesterfields. 

Home at midnight and awoken by Harley at 2am. Sigh. Woke Sunday morning feeling very weary and tried to convince hubby it was due to being up with Harley, not too many wines! Which by the way, was the truth! Went for a long walk for coffee and a play in the park next to Subiaco Oval (our fave). After Harley's sleep we headed to the Saint for an afternoon drink (lemon lime & bitters for me!) for a friend's birthday.

I am paying for my busy weekend today. So, so tired. Yawn. Feeling relieved that this is my last week of work, and that we are headed down south on Friday for a relaxing weekend down south! Next week I will post some 'before' photos of our beach house!

Playing along with Sunny + Scout on this rainy Perth day.

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