Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Today was my last day at my job, the job I had for 6 years and then returned to do two days a week after 12 months maternity leave. I feel relieved. I enjoyed being at work, but rushing to get myself and the little man ready, off to daycare, then to work on time, was too much drama for me. And the thought of work playing in the back of my mind at 2am when I hear him cry for his mummy because hes caught yet another bug from daycare. Not. Worth. It.

Anyway. Onto the next chapter. Harley and Soo. Now I am a work from home mummy!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. And I hope the rain stays away. I'm ready for summer now! We have toddler gym in the morning for a good play, then home for a meeting with the website guy. House needs a good tidy, and there is plenty of washing, and packing to do for our weekend at the beach house. And Sydney next week. When the boy wakes from his afternoon slumber, we need to pop up to the office to do a quick handover. Then home, dinner, the usual. More packing, organising before our weekend down south! Like most Perth-lings, I am so over the wintery weather, and hanging out for some warmer, sunny days.

Bring it on, the next chapter!

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