Sunday, 2 October 2011

point + shoot: a weekend down south

The weekend was great. The 3 hour drive home, not so great. But so worth it. Heres how it went..

We drove down to our beach house on friday afternoon, and were joined by our great friends, Damo & Leisha, who picked up our fave takeaway thai on their way through town.

Saturday morning we walked on Eagle Bay beach, while the dogs and kids (one kid, Harley) played. The boys settled in to watch the footy mid morning, so Leisha and I did the obvious thing and headed into town to browse the shops in peace. A few purchases later, we headed home and rounded everyone up to go to the Eagle Bay Brewery for a late lunch and some brews. Everyone must have drank too much during the game, as the place was pretty quiet. We sat in the warm sunshine and picked at olives and the like while the boys kicked the footy and played with Harley (some funny snaps to come).

After an early night and an early morning with Harls, we enjoyed a yummy breakie at Artezen and then checked out a vintage market held at the Yallingup town hall. Leish picked up a few bargains. It really had such a great country feel about it, if we hadn't have had the boys hanging outside all bored we might have been able to enjoy it a little more!

Sunday arvo wound up with the boys watching Moto GP and the girls packing up. A visit to Harley's great grandparents on the way out of town, U Tube clips of Lazytown on the iPad to keep the little man amused and KFC drive through as we arrived back where we started.

This week is short as we are heading over to Sydney on Wednesday to have fun with some other friends! Between now and then there are jobs to be done, loads of washing to hang and suitcases to be packed!

Playing along with Sunny + Scout!


  1. he looks like a little surfer dude :) Very cute

  2. wow sounds like the perfect weekend! x

  3. Beautiful!
    Your boy is a lot of adorable!!