Monday, 27 February 2012

point + shoot: beach shoot

Yesterday afternoon, we met my dear friend Emelie down at our fave beachy jaunt, Yelo Cafe, and had a little photo shoot on the beach. I've been thinking for a while it would be nice to get some photos of us as a family of three (well, 4 if you include Soo), before we become a family of four.. or five.. if you include the dog!

Anyway.. it was fun, a little windy, and challenging to get photos of myself and Harley as he is obsessed with his dad to the point of me not wanting to touch him! Doesn't he know who looks after him?? Here is a little sneak peak.

More to come later on.

Playing Point + Shoot with Sunny + Scout.


  1. That's a nice idea to do a little photoshoot. The stripes are an inspired choice for a beach shoot! I'll look forward to seeing more. Nice to meet you, Davina. x

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) the shoot was great fun, I'll be seeing all of the photos tonight!