Thursday, 26 April 2012

only 8 weeks?

Not sure where I've been these last few weeks, clearly I went MIA somewhere along the way.. I'm baaaa-ackkk! I just realised that I only have 8 weeks to go! Thats, well, only two months according to my calculations. I had better get a wriggle on and start nesting I suppose.
I'm feeling pretty good. That all too familiar feeling is starting to creep up though.. achy swollen feet, sore lower back (made worse by a toddler who ALWAYS wants to be picked up), getting tired after doing the usual daily activities, feeling like I could always have more sleep, no matter how early I go to bed.
Also tackling the decision whether to start toilet training Harley now, to hopefully have him sorted before the baby arrives, or to just leave it and wait until I am sure he is ready. I have this feeling I have left it a little late, and the weeks are kind of running out.
Babies room is still not set up, but we have everything ready to go. On the weekend, we picked up a beautiful vintage iron cot - its in perfect condition, but is a bit too cream in colour for my liking, so hoping to spray it white sometime soon. Am thinking beautiful floral bedding from Love Mae would be a nice fit. I haven't gone for much pink at all so far, so it would add a nice girly injection to the room.
What do you think?

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