Tuesday, 17 January 2012

point + shoot: 16 weeks

{sunday 15 january | 4.08pm | 16 weeks}
This was a fun little photo shoot we did on Sunday afternoon. I was disappointed that I didn't have many photos of my pregnancy with Harley, so this time I really want to make the effort to document it, so I have something to look back on! Not really high on the priority list when you are feeling like crap. Finally, I am starting to feel less sicky every day, but still waiting for that 'burst' of energy you are meant to get in your second trimester.
Playing Point + Shoot with Sunny + Scout.


  1. Such a gorgeous photo, love it :o) Hope you get that sparkle real soon xo

  2. Ohh love it, such a cute idea. Make sure you keep it up, Its also a way of seeing how Harley grow and change with the growing tummy. Em xx

  3. This is a beautiful idea! And I can't believe I missed the memo that you are pregnant! Congrats xx