Tuesday, 17 January 2012

photo a day challenge: catch up

My mum informed me today that I was behind with my daily photo for the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day Challenge that I am taking part in! Thanks Mum! I was well aware that I was being a bit slack, so thanks to a little kick up the bum, here are the past 5 day's photos - which I actually did take on each given day - just didn't find the time to post them! So... here they are:
Day 13 - In My Bag. Here are the contents of my every day hand bag, emptied out. Minus a few stray sultanas.
Day 14 - What I'm Reading. I have a few magazine subscriptions. I normally receive the next month before I've finished reading the last!
Day 15 - Happiness. A soft serve icecream after a morning spent at the beach!
Day 16 - Morning. In love with this baby singlet from Melbourne brand, Fawn & Milk. Hoping to stock their winter collection at Harley and Soo.
Day 17 - Water. We saw alot of water (at the beach!) over the weekend, but today I haven't been down. So this is a bit of a boring shot. Settling in on the computer this afternoon to do some work before I go and pick the boy up, an iced water with a dash of lime.
So there we are, all up to date! Hope you are happy, Mum!


  1. Hi there, new follower here! I love your photo's, I'm taking part in the challenge on my blog too:)