Tuesday, 24 January 2012

photo a day challenge: catch up # 2

So here I am again.. I can't believe its been a week since my last post! Harley was sick on Wednesday and stayed that way all weekend. Turns out he has a chest infection, and now we have antibiotics he is on the mend. I've still been trying to take my daily photos, but just haven't been able to post them. So here we go:
 Day 18. Something I bought. I treated myself to a Shellac pedicure last week.
 Day 19. Something sweet. Fruit salad.
Day 20. Someone you love. My poor sick little man. Every time he laid down he would cough, and not be able to sleep. So he spent most of his time on me and his dad. Bless him the little sweaty H bomb.

We are off down south tomorrow for Australia Day and the rest of the weekend with some friends. A little concerned about the hot weather that is forecast, our holiday house is not airconditioned!

What are your plans for Australia Day?


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